Kaycee and Nadine head back to their dorm and get to meet a whole heap of their fellow cadets: Gregor, Louis, Bill (panel 3) and Chang, Joe, Jenna and Montana-Rose (panel 4). We first glimpsed these faces back in the faculty meeting (p21) and some others (notably Louis, Gregor and Bill) in the fight a pages ago… Joe is sporting a shiner and can be seen down and out on page 36.

Here’s a little factoid… Jenna Zots, the blue skinned demon girl, was a last minute addition to the class. I had originally intended someone else but thought she seemed really lame as a potential superhero, plus I liked the design of the blue skinned demon seen on the Magellan bound plane (p16) so had added two of the same to security and the faculty (p19) and then decided to include a female variant in the cadetship by the time I got to the aforementioned page p21. More on these blue skinned demons (the Forn) at a later point.