Red Vladd & Komrade KatyaHi folks, just a short update on progress. The rebuild is, as you’ve probably noticed, happening. Not as fast as I’d like; but since I have to juggle this task with the day job – and other real life activities including continuing to work on the current story and upcoming stories – I’m happy I’ve managed to make it this far.

So yes, it might be a couple more weeks until I’ve reloaded all the content. Despite having a back up, there were certain elements that I decided to redo, including larger file images for all past content. This isn’t 2005 any more and a 510px wide image is pretty dinky. Also, the new WordPress theme and plugin that I’m using has changed every single page URL for the comic. SO that sucks, especially for the various external pages that link back to me, thinking especially of TV Tropes 🙁 .

Also, a major suck for this new theme is that, despite working in many browsers, the [left sidebar|comic|right sidebar] seems to be totally stuffed in many versions of Chrome. Ugh. I’m sure there’s a fix, and it’s on my To Do list, but in the meantime, if the page looks all over the place in your Chrome browser, please consider enjoying Magellan in another browser.

As mentioned above, I’m still working on the current story… three additional pages are in the bag now. For people who are Patreon supporters you should have received notifications that I’ve posted these to my page there (if not, pop over to check them out!). Those pages (and maybe a few more) will hit this site once I’ve got it all sorted. I’m also working on the next main story (scripting and drafting) and the next vote incentive… included in this post is a teaser image for that story! Look familiar? They should!!

More news as it develops!!