WannabeOoops! I made an eBook! This is something I’ve been working on for a while… Chapter 1: Wannabe, plus A Brief History of The Magellanverse, collected into an ebook with some additional artwork and notes.

If you find it tedious to click through previous/next buttons and the general pain in the butt nature of web navigation… hey, this should solve it for you! I chose to publish on Issuu because they give a very nice reading experience, with double page spreads and page turning.

And yes, I will be following this up with other chapters and shorts, finding the mental and creative space, plus the extra time required to put it all together has always been the main drag on the process. But this should give me enough momentum to continue.

It’s free to read for the time being so please check it out now – it will become a downloadable purchase in a week or so. Check it out!