Cast page of 64...OK, slight exaggeration… but there are a lot of faces on the Magellan cast page; about 140, give or take a couple of faces.

And that doesn’t even really collect all the characters who’ve at least had a decent speaking role in this current chapter – several first year cadets (JJ, Isina, Jaxine, Ravi/Shakti), some of the older cadets (Punchin’ Judy, Paradoximan), villains (Brainspike, Anti-President) and so on. Nor have characters who have significantly changed their appearance been updated (Lord Psiot, George Lonsdale/Prof Spongeface, Billy, Maya and a few others). It includes characters who’ve never had a word of dialogue, or had cameos and excludes others with significant roles.

Ugh. All up I’d say I’m dealing with 160-175 characters.

It is time for me to seriously think about updating the cast page but what I want to ask of you, dear Magellan reader, is how well does the current page work? Could it be better, and if so how? Keeping in mind that there are so many characters, what is the best way to help familiarise readers – both new and regular, long time – with the many faces who pop in and out of stories, often hundreds of pages (and, from a weekly serialised perspective, over a year) apart??

I was wondering if I should have larger descriptions for the main characters (say 10 or so),  then use what I’m currently doing for the secondary characters, and just faces with names for the third tier and cameo characters. Or what? Any suggestions and/or examples of webcomics with large casts that have conquered their cast pages would be greatly appreciated.