Next update Tuesday March 21: Sadly, just as I thought I was going to get back on top of everything art wise, etc I got a bad cold… or mild flu… or something. So I’ve not been great for several days which means that drawing, lettering, colouring hasn’t happened. But as I recover I’m feeling 97.32% confident that I can aim to restart updates next week.

Ah yes… the “snorf”… it was a bit of a blink and you’d miss it moment. But when Janice and Hamish arrived at Locke Island they used this otherwise unnamed astral sniffer bug to locate Rosie and the parasite. Check out page 6.178 if you don’t believe me! As you might rightly presume, Janice is calling it a “snorf” because of the sound it was making.

Master Assassin… has many interesting theories… including that he lives inside a story and that everything bad that happens is the fault of The Creator who writes it that way; believes that by killing the so-called Alpha Character he will be able to conquer said “Creator”. He uses his cult minions known as Character Assassins to “strategically” eradicate various people (“beta/gamma/delta characters in the story”) in a bid to reveal the Alpha. As mentioned above he had thought Vertigo – the leader of Force Magellan, and who was also the traget of a Character Assassin – was the Alpha… but seems to be re-evaluating his theory. BTW, this isn’t the first time he’s broken the fourth wall… see his first appearance in the CrossOverKill crossover story.

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Next update: Tuesday March 21, 2017… Brainspike & others…