A quick peek back at what Tom, Freya et al are up to at Magellan Island.

Drop Bear, Swagman and Überoo are a few random Australian superheroes… some readers may get the in-joke reference to ‘drop bears‘! As to their actual appearance and powers, we might have to see if they make it to Sydney first!

It’s been a long time since we last saw Dr Chandra, she was all over Chapter 4 like a rash but this is her first appearance since her cameo in the Mindmistress/Magellan crossover “Buying the Stairway to Heaven”here.

If the reference to “Fassique” and “Forn” is ringing any bells (or even if it’s not) you might know that cousins Jenna and Bif Zots (blue skin, horns, element manipulation powers… remember? See here and here…) are Forn demons from the realm of Fassique – first mentioned here. Hopefully that story will be told one day, but essentially a number of Forn sought refuge on Earth due to a religious war in their home realm – some live openly on Earth but almost all of them live in a special enclave on Magellan Island.

Finally, who the heck is fourth year cadet Padma Singh??? Maybe this page in particular might offer up a significant clue!

Queensland floods: To any of my readers struggling through the flood disaster in Queensland – my best wishes for a safe and speedy recovery go out to you!