Archive woes

As many of you may have noticed if you recently tried to reread any significant number of back pages the archive is a bit stuffed at the moment. Having initially tried to ignore the problem and then realising it wasn’t going away I think I may now have found a solution. It appears to be an issue with the permalink naming feature and may have happened when I recently updated the WP software.


Anyway, I believe I can sort it out over the next few hours. Thanks so much to readers who brought this problem to my attention and especially those who told me the specific pages where the breaks happened.

In other reasonably good news, my mini-hiatus has helped to get me refocused on the creative process and I now have a number of thumbnails and draft pages in the bag… a significant buffer for me. I fully expect to be back in business by January 17.

Update: OK, I think I’ve got them all sorted, please let me know if any pages don’t load or if you end up with a page that’s out of order or shouldn’t be the one that is served. Many thanks for your help and your patience! 🙂