So… DRAGONKLAW. If you have no idea who this is you need to go read Bad Karma again (or for the first time). I’ll just wait here while you consume all 300 pages… finished? Great! You might also want to read this sequence from the start of this chapter… (but to be fair to those of you who can’t/won’t go read through Bad Karma etc, here’s a bit of a spoilery Bad Karma recapDragonklaw is the future, alternate timeline version of cadet Chang Chong – a wizard who became quite evil and tried to kill everyone in this timeline… but his younger self from this timeline sacrificed himself to stop him, dragging them both into an astral vortex. And a recap from the start of this chapter… Chang’s friends Montana-Rose, Jemima, Janice and Hamish tried to save Chang but looks like they’ve fished the wrong one out of the vortex.)

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