Wednesday update! And it’s back to Locke Island…

This page follows on directly from page 6.208… and it sure looks like the Anti-President has been very busy collecting “supporters” (otherwise known as his “telepathic voter zombies” or “vombies”). You might notice he has co-opted a few other familiar faces including Freya and Ken Spence.

As for Vlax, she was last seen chowing down on the astral energy of a number of other super villains on page 6.191. You may recall she hasn’t looked this powerful since she last locked metaphorical horns with Olga, Twilight and Vostok during the sequence starting from page 6.169. If those villains were the entree, she’s ready for the main course!

On a side note – this is the twentieth update so far this year which almost equals my entire output for 2014! Gosh, right? Plus it’s been two whole months of on time fortnightly updates. And, hey, I actually finished Dr Spooky & Otto, with more of that kind of thing to come. I doubt any of these feats would be possible if I wasn’t currently unemployed due to being made redundant in late January. While I love working on Magellan, not starving will have to take precedence at some point which means looking for a day job… which will likely result in fewer updates. If you enjoy Magellan and can spare me even a dollar a month to help out please consider becoming my patron over on Patreon. My sincere gratitude to everyone who has offered their support to date! 🙂

Next update: Sunday March 29, 2015 Anti-President vs Vlax!!

Dr Spooky & Otto: This short story has now finished… to see the cover image all you have to do is vote for Magellan at Top Webcomics – please  click here.