Good/BadUPDATE (3/14): So my computer is now behaving itself…! Is it a miracle? A resurrection? Who can say. I’m still a bit nervous using it, although it has been behaving itself very well today. Anyway, I will be getting a replacement in a few more days, but at least the urgency appears to have receded for now.

In the Very Good News Department – I have now finished the next Magellan update AND the next Legacy update. Legacy will update tomorrow but Magellan will not update until Sunday – this gives me a bit of time to start work on the next few pages.

Apologies for the non-update on update day… here I was, happily working away on the art when my computer seemingly had a massive seizure or RAM-fart or something. And then refused to reboot. Again, and again and again. Tried to reinstall the OS… which also failed several times. Heavy sigh. I couldn’t even internet to let you all in on the situation. Well, except those following Magellan via the Facebook page, who were reasonably well appraised: “Computer dead”. That’s the BAD news.

Anyway, I powered it down and walked away from it all for a while. Then decided to try a tried and true Doctor Who technique known as “percussive maintenance”. While I didn’t hit the computer hard, there was some gentle slapping, shaking and thwacking involved.

Somehow that actually worked. Not right away mind… but one hour after I powered it back on it finally gave me access to a hard drive that had seemingly vanished four hours earlier, and it eventually rebooted and here I am. That’s the GOOD news.

Even better still, I only lost a small amount of work from this morning. Yay for regular saving (and back-ups too, of course, which I would have had even had this tanked). That’s the GOODER news.

So where does that leave the current pending update? LATE! It’s evening and I’m a bit over dealing with this machine at the moment – to be honest I’m petrified that if I turn it off it will never turn on again. But I gotta go to bed, then go to day-job work tomorrow. So yeah… stand by, it will be along in a few more days.