Apologies for the delay to this update… blame the latest Crossoverkill page (featuring Hoodoo) and also Iron Man 3… damn you Tony Stark!! (Great movie though.)

So who else has Brainspike collected here? In addition to the Master Assassin it looks like the Baxter Gang… featuring Stretch, Clobber, Fireball and Vanishing Vanessa!

Dr Sooky & Otto

Dr Spooky & Otto: Part 37 is now available – What is Dr Spooky’s secret weapon against Beelzebub? To see it all you have to do is vote for Magellan over at Top Webcomics. More than a simple vote incentive reward, this is a fun adventure too! Regular voting (daily, weekly, your choice) helps to push Magellan up the list and gives the comic more exposure to new readers… vote now! Many thanks for your vote. Missed parts 1-28? See here

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Next update: Friday 26 April 10, 2013: Meet the gang!