Looks like Lonsdale didn’t get off the hook as easily as he thought he would! So has his remorseless nasty man act all been in large part because of this, or was he always that way…? Chances are we may never know now. This is the first time we’ve seen all of Oz Magellan sitting down to discuss this issue – all of them minus Red Centre (who hasn’t even been in this chapter, but you may remember hom from the previous installment) and of course, Captain Victoria. Lin-Lin is doing a student placement (as is out of action Bif) so she gets to sit in on team meetings as part of her training. It was at this point that it dawned on me that the team was missing any levity whatsover… they don’t have a Ranger Bill style member, who makes with the wisecracks.When I realised it I kind of thought it was an oversight on my part but then decided there was no point in having a token smartass just for the sake of it…  Oz Magellan is clearly just a more serious team – there’ll be none of this funny business!