No, your eyes do not deceive you… this indeed a new update! Don’t get too excited though as there’s only one this week and probably only one per week for the next few weeks until I get sorted out. I appreciate everyone’s concern but also your patience as I took longer than anticipated to get back to Magellan. Work was getting to me at the end of 2013, I enjoy my job but there was just way too much going on to allow me the time to get into the head space I need sometimes in order to work on the comic.

Anyway, if you’ll bear with me while I get back up to speed I’m hoping to finish the current story in the coming half a year (or so!)In case you’re wondering how Twilight knows that Olga was once Gola, she’s one of a very few within the Magellan ranks who does know and knew almost from the outset… see any page in Redux from #15 onwards for clarification! Meanwhile… what was Olga’s fear as seen on page 6.81?

Next update: Wednesday 22 January, 2014 Where is Kaycee?