Happy 2019!: Thank you to everyone who read Magellan in 2018 and stuck with it despite my sometimes dodgy update schedule. I counted the number of updates for 2018 and it was the same number as 2017, which is more than in some years but not as many as others. Anyway, 2019 looks positive for Magellan, the current story should finish in 15-20 pages, which ideally I hope to see happen in March. I’ve now finished drafting the conclusion to Legacy (something I probably should have done before I started!) and it has 7 pages to go… I’ll restart it towards the end of January. Beyond the end of The Things That Matter… it will take place in Kaycee’s third year at Magellan Academy… more soon!

Bugle: Introduced several pages ago… this powerful, sewer living telepath loves his comics; as we first learned way back in 3.13! Max (TV From Another Planet) is the name of a sci-fi comic I was working on over ten years ago.