Clearly Billy can take a lot of punishment but the cumulative effect of a full on punch up combined with a high velocity smash into Mount Lyta was one grand slam too far. Likewise, Charisma might be strong but not strong enough to budge boulders that might be pinning her down. And sorry, no Hulk-like leaps from Lyta… although I admit that would have been rather funny. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little sequence, I know I did – but now we have to deal with the main part of the story. What’s up with Montana-Rose? How are Brelvis and Olga settling into their first year? And what about Vlax from the very start of the chapter? (Remember all that?) We’ll start delving into that and the fall out of the rumble exercise, along with a few other surprises, from next week! (BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever used quite so much brown and/or green as I have over the last twelve or so pages!)

For those who came in late, Justine Keff (aka Redd), who is one of the training instructors has considerable strength, unfortunately for her she has no invulnerability and  so, to avoid bones breaking and internal organs rupturing whenever lifting extreme weight, must use an exoskeleton suit to assist her. She was last seen using it back on page 4.285. Also, Ken Spence, in the levo-chair, lost the use of his legs and was previously Nitro-Man as seen at the start of this chapter.