Charisma EpochI know I mentioned this some time ago as being “imminent” and it still hasn’t happened so I just wanted to let you know the new cast page is “even more imminent” now! I’ve been slowly chiseling away at this mammoth project, a few new faces and links at a time, and it is now getting close, very close, to being finished. Other than being busy drawing Magellan pages and working on Crossoverkill, plus real life problems (and the fact I kind of forgot about it for a couple of months) a major reason for the delay has been the sheer size of it and the vast number of characters to be included… if someone has had more than a couple of panels then they’re almost certainly going to be included. And that’s a lot of characters!! I’m not going to set a date but I’m hoping it is within the next month and that this year will be a lot more productive from a Magellan point of view. Stay tuned for more Magellan news and musings for 2011.