Sunday update! Wow – if I thought last Sunday’s update was insane from the amount of time and work needed it had nothing on this page.

So it’s back to the Faculty of Mystic/Arcane Arts. Haven’t been here since the sequence starting on page 6.181 (August last year). Just a quick refresher – Lord Psiot the 8th has gathered the telepaths, magic users (witches, wizards, etc) and mystical beings onto the roof as part of a defensive measure against Locke Island’s telepathic attacks.

There’s a mix of cadets and staff here. The ones in the purple uniforms are the current first year cadets, a number of whom we’ve seen before – most notably Yasmeen Jafari the witch wearing the scarf/loose hijab. Across from her is goddess Shakti who normally appears as newbie cadet Ravi. To identify the other newbies you may like to check out Olga & Brelvis which introduced all 24 of them!

The red uniforms are the third year cadets – same as Janice and Hamish who are currently on Locke Island. The only other one we’ve seen much of before is centauress Briar O’Hennessy – see 5.12.

Teal uniforms are the fourth year cadets – we saw Polly in her bat form several pages back – the witch and wizard here are Yukiko Hara and Ali Baja who were introduced on page 4.184.

There are also some fifth and sixth year cadets – in their costumes – will we get to see more of them? Time will tell. Can you pick the faculty staff member only ever seen (as far as I can remember) way back near the start of the first chapter – here.

Next update: Wednesday March 25, 2015 Back to Locke Island and the Anti-President- yep, we’re picking up the pace!

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