Today’s update touches on a number of previous story points (I wouldn’t exactly call them sub-plots) – for example, Fatima’s curiosity with the idiom “pull up your socks” – presumably started bya statement by Redd (see page 5.11), and discussed at her cultural support group (page 5.12) and first attempted post-Lyta melt down (page 5.15). Then of course there is the issue of Brelvis and the fact that Mongrel, his alternate future self, was trained by Wombat-Man in the alternate timeline (see page 4.288 for a summary of why). Annie has gained permission to train him for potential cadetship at Magellan (page 4.289) but he’s been making a meal of it (5.1617). Empath and councellor Freya suspected Wombat-Man may be the key to the problem for both Annie and Brelvis (page 5.1920) which prompted Annie to head to Sydney with Brelvis in the first place. For those of you wondering about the status of Annie/Go’s and Luke/Wombat-Man’s relationship since this, you’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out, I’m afraid!Wow… so many back references in one page!!

Also, for those relatively new to Magellan, Wombat-man was a cadet i n years gone by but was expelled in his sixth year, being held responsible for an accident that disabled two junior cadets (see page 3.10) – he still operates as an non-official super-agent (a vigilante in other words), and while not sanctioned is a generally tolerated.