Malice, like Bunyip, was a human once – Alice Mann – before Brian Lonsdale started mixing her DNA with hundreds of spiders and some other non-wordly coding, which was recounted in Worst Fieldtrip Ever. These days Malice is more or a hive mind with many hungry spiders just wanting to chow down on some living flesh.

Mudge Wilson… what can be said about Mudge? A “touch telepath”… reads minds through skin to skin contact and can also get impressions from touching inanimate objects that others have had contact with. Is able to project that impression in a kind of holographic image. Hurts like crazy though, pretty much splits his head open… but maybe not anymore? Also, this is the first time one of the projections has actually spoken…!

Chiq is an alien (hence the space suit) who is able to replicate the powers of whoever happens to be closest to him. Not useful if that person is a touch telepath!

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