Back to Kaycee and Rochelle… and it looks as if they may not be faring any better than Billy, Sioni, Nadine, Fatima or Olga when it comes to withstanding a telepathic attack from Vlax…!

As you may recall Kaycee and her older sister Alex were abducted by a serial killing sicko some seven years ago… before Go!Anna was able to save them Alex was murdered and Kaycee almost buried alive. Her deepest fears revealed so far has had to do with the killer (see 6.90)… but it seems Vlax may have dug up something a bit more visceral!

Rochelle, on the other hand, has fears about losing her super intelligence. This is what dealing with it looked like last time!

As for Rochelle’s theory on Olga being a clone of former heroine Gola Beh… as we all know, close but no cigar! If you have no idea why then you really need to read Redux!

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Next update: Friday October 11 Rochelle and Kaycee…