The Things That Matter 10: Long time readers might be familiar with Dianne Bates – although in the present timeline she was a detective not a cop (emphasis on “was”).

Dianne was introduced way back in Chapter 1. Despite her very few other appearances (see here and here) she did quickly become a fan fave.

In a nutshell, she has a power – eyes that can see through a very broad spectrum. She and Annie have some history, all of it alluded to, not shown. She and Annie are childhood friends from their time at Greenslopes – an academy/school for young people who are DNA+ (that is, with powers). Unlike Magellan Academy though it does not train in super-heroics, just helps its students to use their powers safely and ethically. Students at Greenslopes can apply to join Magellan Academy, which will accept them if they meet various criteria, at age 16. Dianne chose not to – preferring to join the police force back in her home state in Australia when she reached 18.

I quite like the pacing and staging of this page… hope you do too!

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