Update on my dad: Thanks everyone for your well wishes, my father is now in palliative care so my family expect he won’t be with us for much longer.

Go!Anna & Wombatman vs WOMBOT: And so we reach the end of The Things That Matter! I’ve pretty much intended this story to finish on this scene… Go!Anna goes onto her next thing following the apprehension of Brunton and saving Kaycee… there will always be a next thing, which means the significance and magnitude of her first case will be buried over time with everything else yet to come her way.

THE END!: It was only about 12 pages longer than I anticipated but, no thanks to the production delays caused by the implosion of my website and need to rebuild it, this story took much longer than expected. Anyway, I enjoyed putting this story together, hope you enjoyed reading about Go!Anna/Annie’s first case out of Magellan Academy!

Coming soon: For the next Magellan story, we will be returning to the present timeline at the Academy where Kaycee and Co will be in third year. I’m also working on another voting incentive short story. Stay tuned for details!

Next update: TBA: Taking a short hiatus while the matter of my father’s terminal illness plays out. I’ll advise as soon as I know further when I expect to return to updates – probably early December.