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New chapter – PaRARGdox – begins!: As the narration implies, this is indeed Magellan Island two years ago, during the events of the Bad Karma storyline, specifically the attack of DragonKlaw’s avatars. We meet Dr Beatrix Grainger and Bruce-93, two characters glimpsed briefly on page 4.197! They are part of the civilian scientists and engineers, etc, who work at Magellan Island helping to build useful tech for Force Magellan and the Academy. They’ll have a slightly expanded role this time around.

Coming soon: For the next Families/Cемьи featuring Red Vlad, Comrade Katya, Epoch, and Charisma will be the next voter incentive story… but probably not kicking off until March. Stay tuned!

Next update: Wednesday, January 29, 2020: Force Magellan debrief.