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Jupiter!: I have had a fair bit of fun working on these space scenes. As a kid I was fascinated by stars and planets, and it remains a deep desire (likely never to be fulfilled) to see those worlds first hand. Fortunately, the robotic exploration of our solar system has given me many awesome reference pics of the planets, and their moons, which I can use for scenes just like these!

So… the concept for the atmosphere scoop is that it uses an artificial micro black hole to create a portal capable of syphoning the gas direct to Earth, no transport required.

Do Dr Beatrix Grainger and Bruce-93 suffer from “Wrong-place-wrong-time-itis” this time? You’ll have to see the next update to find out!

Coming soon: Families/Cемьи featuring Red Vlad, Comrade Katya, Epoch, and Charisma will be the next voter incentive story… kicking off March. Stay tuned!

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