One last thing: Gosh… a declaration, of sorts, from Rochelle! Now this has been planned by me for many, many, many months…! (And not in the last few weeks in which the possibility of it was discussed here in the comments. 🙂 ) Anyway, that is about as much “respect” as anyone can possibly expect to get from Rochelle who notoriously respects very few. And by “respect” she means… what exactly? 🙂

This page was much more time consuming than I would have expected… it’s not all that complex to draw (although there were a few tricky details)… finding the right way for Rochelle to express herself without sounding forced, cheesy, or out of character, was not an easy task!

The first year cadet being tended to by Ambrosia, was seen briefly on page 7.40… although she was in much better condition there!

Patrons: Over on Patreon page 127 is now up – page 128… by Wednesday-ish…

Next update: Thursday September 30, 2021: Medical emergency…!