Hit the showers: So yeah, we didn’t get to see the robomat training session… needless to say it didn’t go well anyway.

On this page Olga notes the suspicion and distrust harboured by Jasmeen towards Olaf (first seen manifesting in The Olaf Mystery).

Also we’re introduced to a newbie… first year cadet Ambrosia Paz. You might have spotted her on this Rargopalyse page… more info on her over the next few updates.

Ambrosia might be a big fan of Olga’s great aunt Gola… but for those of you not up-to-date with the various characters backstories… Olga is her great aunt Gola and most people do not know that. If you need a quick refresh have a read of Redux!

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Next update: Wednesday, March 11, 2020: Emo fans… whatcha goin’ to do?