More bad news: All the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place for our heroes… so maybe it’ll soon be time to stop talking and start fighting.

If I can just have a quick rave about superhero costumes – I know that in these cynical “too cool” times, colourful costumes are seen as gaudy and ridiculous. But for me, especially as a kid, it is something I love about the superhero genre. It can help individualise the characters and make them easy to recognise and identify at a glance. I guess, in a universe where you don’t want to stand out that would be a liability. There are plenty of minuses, but lots of pluses! As you might guess, I was a bit disappointed when the original X-Men movies went with black leather costumes – sure, it looked cool, but the characters really lost something in that process. I’ve appreciated the more recent trend in both Marvel and DC movies in trying to be more faithful to the original costume concepts, while still bringing in muted, more practical considerations. Anyway, this was all triggered by the fact that I love the bright clash of colours on this page… as our heroes realise that they are sinking quickly into the shit!

Drongo: Australian slang for dipshit or idiot!

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