Force Magellan and… smurfs…: Things just continue to get grimmer by the panel don’t they? Sorry about that! (I swear, if I’d known we would be in the middle of one of the most depressing years in recent memory I would have come up with a much more more upbeat story!)

By the way, if you are wondering why Go!Anna calls Ranger Bill “Jake” it’s because that is his actual name (Jake Smith-Smith). I guess he didn’t want to be known as Ranger Jake…?

If you’re wondering about: a) why he seems nekkid, and; b) “bots”?? … his nano and pico-bots were deactivated along with the rest of the tech on the island, and those bots also happened to make up his suit – check out page 48.

Oh, and what was that about a moonbase?

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Families/Cемьи: Page 16 is now online. Sorry for the delay to this… hoping to restart from September, it’s been a crazy couple of months and it’s dented my productivity. Stay tuned! By voting you not only get a new page of this story but you help raise Magellan’s profile and help potential new readers find us.

Next update: Wednesday 19 August: Sista Superior on the loose…