New chapter – PaRARGdox – begins today!: Welcome to the start of the next chapter! The title and cover will make more sense once the story starts to progress…

I will say though, this is an epic extraterrestrial invasion story!

This chapter takes place in Kaycee’s third year at Magellan (hence the red uniform)… and yes, that’s Charisma with shorter hair right next to her. It also takes place following the events of Legacy.

There’s also a few new first year cadets introduced in this story, with one of them in the cover image. You’ll have to wait a number of pages to meet them though.

Coming soon: For the next Families/Cемьи featuring Red Vlad, Comrade Katya, Epoch, and Charisma will be the next voter incentive story… but probably not kicking off until March. Stay tuned!

Next update: Sunday, January 26, 2020: Page 1! There be dragons!!