OK! We kick off a new story from here… Redux will be a short 20 pages that goes looking for Gola Beh’s lost memory… and this is the cover artwork. Doesn’t look very cheery, huh? If you’ve been reading Magellan for a while a number of faces (even the backs of heads) will be familiar to you… but some won’t be… hm, maybe we’ll be meeting some of them in the course of this story! Originally I was just going to have four people standing around the open grave but, being one not do things by halves, the number of mourners grew considerably by the time I got to drawing it.You can see members of Force Magellan in the upper right corner, the Academic Council (wearing the black and red uniforms) to the upper left, some of the Faculty in the lower left, Oz Magellan members at lower centre and some Magellan USA members to the mid right… with various miscellaneous individuals here and there. Oh, and yeah, that is a statue of Gola Beh in her 1970s costume on the pedestal… but what does it all mean???

So… Gola Beh… Gola started her journey with Force Magellan’s Vertigo on page 5.139 where they were seen heading off to the New York HQ of Magellan USA. We’ll be meeting a bunch of never seen before Magellan USA members in Redux plus also catching up with two who we have already met – Flambe and Dr Spooky! A brief recap – Gola Beh, a telepath, was a member of the International Justice Force in the 1960s and early ’70s and then a founding member of Force Magellan after the death of Magellan in 1972. She was also a founder of the Academy and a member of the Academic Council – unfortunately for her she was abducted, in her own mind, by Miasma (evil Maya from the future) and made to believe she was still in 1972. Gola finally managed to escape her mind trap through sheer force of will but lost all intervening memories after 1972. Some several months later, there’s been no luck in restoring those memories. Will she have more chance in New York? Read on!