We catch a brief glimpse of three other teams today – red, white and gold: comprising of Hugh, Jemima, Jesus/ Nadine, Sioni, Fabian/ Gregor, Joe and Hamish respectively. Of those cadets Hugh, Jesus and Fabian have never had a speaking part in the main comic to date – although Fabian LaCrosse featured in a one-pager I drew which dovetailed in to the cadet exercise from chapter 2. Hugh Black showed up in a few panels in chapter 1 and that’s been it, as you can see his apparance has been modified slightly. With lots of cadets it can be hard to work them all into the overall story, but even so I’ve been very neglectful of those three (and they still don’t get a speaking part in this update!).

Of the other cadets, regular readers would be most familiar with Joe and hopefully also with Nadine and Sioni (although those two haven’t really been seen since chapter 4 with only a cameo in 5). Gregor had a brief appearance in chapter 2. Remember, the Cast Page is your friend!