In case you’re wondering who the “chef dude” is that Go is reffering to – and for that matter, the other non-super hero types hanging around in the back ground of the first – check out page 5.33. Oz Magellan employs a small number of staff to tend to the day to day running of the outfit. They’re too big for one butler! It occurs to me I’ll have to add them to the new Cast page… you have checked out the new cast page, haven’t you?

Next update: March 9, 2011: Trouble!

CrossoverkillCrossoverkill: The 13 page Magellan leg of the webcomic crossover epic Crossoverkill concluded yesterday… but that’s no reason to stop reading it! Hoodoo from Force Magellan, along with Energize and Mindmistress are about to find themselves in another webcomic universe as the pursue the nefarious Doppelganger Gang! I know the load times have been annoyingly slow in previous weeks but Drunk Duck do seem to have sorted that out – so please go read Crossoverkill! A big welcome to those of you who may have dropped in via Crossoverkill or one of the other participating titles, currently we’re about three quarters of the way through Chapter 5 (aka Worst Field Trip Ever) which starts here… and the whole epic Magellan adventure starts here… please feel free to check it out and I hope you enjoy your read.