To say that the Forn have a complex history is an understatement… there are a number of them living on Earth as refugees from religious conflicts in their home realm. This aspect of Jenna’s backstory, the death of her own sisters,  has always been something I’ve been meaning to bring into the narrative and I figured this was the best point!

Maya is able to project the illusion out to about ninety meters/yards… it would be a bit fuzzy around the edges at that distance but then most things are fairly hard to discern from that far away. And of course most people don’t pay all that much attention to things in the distance. Of course cameras would be a different matter. And Brelvis, being a transmute like Morgana and the other “Freaks”, isn’t affected by Maya’s mojo… this was actually established in chapter 4 where future Brelvis (aka Mongrel) was immune to future evil Maya’s (aka Miasma) mojo. As to why it wouldn’t effect Brelvis, but would effect Gifford, Fatima and Jenna’s perception of themselves is a mystery for some other time!