I should have mentioned in the previous update that Lord Psiot VIII is the Facult Head for Arcane Science – that covers the occult, magic, mysticism, etc. He was seen in his original outfit in his cameo during the Facuty Heads meeting on page 1.19… and what does he do? Obviously a bit of teleportation but as for the rest, stay tuned!

As for Hamish and Janice, they are third year wizard and witch respectively. Seen a number of times over the various chapters, But most recently starting from page 6.06.

Dr Sooky & Otto

Dr Spooky & Otto: (Sorry there’s no Dr Spooky (again); some unexpected, time intensive work meant I had to sacrifice it to ensure two Magellan updates this week! This week’s Magellan pages were themselves rather complex & work intensive, further chipping away at Spooky Drawing Time! That’s right, three weeks break… and I still didn’t build up a buffer…) Part 38 is now available – The cavalry arrives! To see it all you have to do is vote for Magellan over at Top Webcomics. More than a simple vote incentive reward, this is a fun adventure too! Regular voting (daily, weekly, your choice) helps to push Magellan up the list and gives the comic more exposure to new readers… vote now! Many thanks for your vote. Missed parts 1-28? See here

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