I always thought using a laser to cut through the webbing would be a good idea right up until I got to the point of doing this page – so I don’t know if it is an incredibly brilliant idea or an increadibly stupid one. Anyway, it was what I had Kaycee carry in with her so I decided to go with it. Let’s just say the webbing is easily cut with a low intensity laser and therefore doesn’t involve much buring of flesh or clothes that might otherwise lie underneath it.

By tying up Malice, Kaycee is doing something so many “heroes” seem to forget to do in movies, TV shows, etc – they knock out the baddie and then wander off to save eveyone else giving the baddie a chance to recover and attack again. Ugh! So annoying! But to some degree they are also taking a risk by leaving SlowMo conscious, however he really needs to focus on an object to be able to use his time manipulation power… not being able to see them through the foam will make using his power effectively difficult.