Those readers who have vacuumed up various comments I’ve made over the years will know the following about Charisma… her mother – Evangeline – was a HUGE Epoch fan, so much so that she concocted a plan to impregnate herself using Epoch’s sperm. As she was a norm there was little opportunity of them having physical sex and besides, Epoch didn’t even know Evangeline. Anyway, Evangeline went a bit crazy at some point and that was when Charisma first came to his attention but by then Evangeline had managed to poison Charisma against him! This by the way is the first depiction of Evangeline in the comic. It’s also the first allusion to the whole sordid matter in these actual pages (as opposed to the liner note).

So do you remember Charisma and Epoch’s last appearance? You’ll have to go back to page 6.81 if you don’t! You can also follow the whole Charisma/Epoch strand under the Charisma tag.