Woo! Punchin’ time indeed! Sixth year cadet Punchin’ Judy is not super strong (except for strength through training) but she is close to indestructible which comes in handy if you need things punched that most people wouldn’t survive the experience of punching… missiles, sharks, runaway cement trucks. Back on the ground we have sixth year cadet Paradoximan giving the orders and fifth year cadet Geraldine Keyes zapping a missile with her “ocular heat rays”. Geraldine was first seen very briefly as a fourth year cadet in Chapter 4 in this scene on page 4.269 – the visor she uses here isn’t like the one used by Cyclops from the X-Men in that his is meant to keep his eye beams contained – Geraldine has hers under control already and the visor helps to strengthen and focus her blasts when used at a distance. The other two are faculty – Professor Munroe McFlugle (Science) and Alison Marsters (Logistics) seen originally in a blink and you’d miss it cameo on page 1.19 (see this page for a Faculty key)