This is the Wednesday update…

Cassie… has the ability to shift into sand form and has been showing up in Magellan since mid way through Chapter 4 – originally as an egotistical Magellan Academy guard who tried to bite off more than she could chew by attempting to blackmail Maya. Cassie then ended up as a (still egotistical) guard at Magellan Oz and, through the events of Chapter 5 and an attempt on Maya’s life, has lost part of non sand body and harbors a massive murderous grudge.

Maya… has the ability to “mind mojo” – create highly realistic scenarios in the mind of the unfortunate recipient. She cannot mojo certain minds those – Brelvis and others like Malice and Bunyip… nor Cassie n her sand form apparently.

Sioni… controls mass in a general area, making them very light or very heavy.

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Next update: Friday February 24, 2017… Master Assassin!

After Friday I need to take a two week break – regrettably my day job is impacting on my Magellan production time. Since the day job pays the bills and I could lose said job if I don’t deliver big time in the next week or so I’m going to have to take the short break. Sorry about that! I was enjoying the three times a week updates – hope you were too. When Magellan returns afterwards it will hopefully be two pages a week but with an additional voting incentive story.