B-R-O-K-E-N: Will Dianne and Go!Anne put aside their issues long enough to sort this out? I tell you what, the more I work with Dianne as a character the more I extremely regret what happened to her in Chapter 3. For those of you wondering, her abilities give her a fairly impressive visual range – seeing in different spectrums, x-ray and telescopic.

Also, sorry that I seem to be phoning Magellan in at the moment, November was a rough month family wise. I mentioned a few weeks ago that my father had been in a car accident, he’s mostly recovered now but that did kick off a few unrelated calamities including my aunt passing away… I wasn’t very close to her but it’s still a massive bummer. :/ I’m hoping to regain control of updates over the next few weeks.

Next update: Sunday December 2, 2018: Who or what is buried?

Legacy: The next voting incentive about the Magellanverse’s speedsters, including the very first should be up soonish (been a bit unwell and my dad is in hospital following a car accident, fortunately not bad but bad enough, so there’s a bit of a delay to production)… please check back in a few days for news. Voting gives you access to the current page, previous pages (via bit.ly links), raises Magellan’s profile and hopefully scores us a few more readers (oh, and BTW, pages might contain nudity!).