This page is a bit wordy, but never let it be said I don’t give you reading value. 🙂

So we see why Gola has arrived at Magellan USA to see Twilight – a process to restore her memory, based on a process she herself pioneered some many years earlier. We get to see some elements of Gola’s life before she joined the International Justice Force (IJF). The battle with the Q’Arth is something we’ve seen before on page 4.05 where Gola battles with Nitro-Man (aka Ken Spence). In the IJF frame we see (clockwise, from front) Magellan, Gola, Nitro-Man, The Green Pope, Dr Logarythym and Glamour (aka Mary Jemmas). I did some minimal image research for the flashbacks… European migrants circa 1939, German WW2 soldier, New York subway car circa 1950s and fashions circa 1950s… none of those feature in any prominent way but it’s good to get it rightish (thank you, Google images!).

BTW, the inscription on the memorial is the same as that read out by Kaycee Jones way back on page 1.25.

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