We’ll catch up with Kaycee & Co in a few more pages – but first… just wanted to show what was happeing with Lonsdale. Hm. Doesn’t look good! Also, we haven’t seen Padma for quite a few pages so I thought it would be good to check in on her, it’s not likely that she’ll be ‘porting her way back to Magellan Island.

BTW, if you’re new or newish to Magellan and are yet to read through the archives and don’t yet know who Ken Spence is, he’s an elder, former superhero (once known as Nitro-Man) but these days teaches classes along with sitting on the Academic Council of Magellan Academy. He has a bit of a rep as a hard-ass… how best to introduce him… how about page 4.65?? Remember that the Cast page is your friend.