A change of pace with today’s update… and also a bit of alternative future-history. For those who came in late or need a reminder, you’d really need to read Chapter 4 to get the gist of what Kaycee is writing about. But if you want the spoilerific cram-notes version just read on…! Kaycee is referencing her meeting with Maverick on page 4.292 (specifically in the fifth panel) but there is also evidence of Kaycee and Charisma being on better terms by their third year as cadets (or at least being capable of working together) as noted in the discussion Maverick has with Freya Foster on page 4.191. Kaycee wouldn’t know anything about that conversation – and likewise she wouldn’t know about the costume worn by Maverick in her earlier days or by future Charisma… that’s just artistic license on my part, but a version of Charisma’s costume was glimpsed on page 4.168.