Wow, there’s a lot going on here…As you may (or may not) remember a whole bunch of cadets formed into astral wormblobs after being tinkered with by Vostok… back on page 6.260 they split into groups to go off on a salvage mission and the last we saw was page 6.274 where Fatima, Charisma, Mudge, Billy and Lyta were busy fishing the astral protaplasm of Sista Superior from Rosie’s nightmarescape. Well, this time we take a quick peek at a few other cadets in a completely different astral wormblob! As we can see, they’re handling the situation in much the same way as the others.

This page has Rochelle (super high IQ), Jenna (Forn demoness, able to, somewhat, control the elements), Joe (changes density from gaseous to super solid), Chiq (alien, able to mimic other powers when in close proximity) and Brelvis (first year cadet dog/human hybrid). Some you may be more familiar with than others… but just as a reminder, Joe has had multiple experiences of losing his clothes when changing into his gas form. As for Chiq, you may not recognise him since he is usually in an environment suit but check him out in action on page 6.20!

Also, Brelvis has some daddy issues… his reunion with Professor Spongeface was cut short on page 6.71! You’ll have to read Worst Fieldtrip Ever to get the full story though.


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