So what are the nightmares haunting and humiliating Go!Anna (aka Annie Summers)? In case you need a bit of reminding (second panel clockwise from top left corner)…

  • Go was able to rescue Kayee from the kiddie murderer Al Brunton, but was not in time to save Alex – Kaycee’s sister. Not as yet seen in the comic, although it’s clear Go has some internalised pain over this as revealed on page 4.31
  • Go’s partner in love and crime fighting – Wombatman – cheated on her with rival superheroine and Oz Magellan heavy hitter Captain Victoria. See page 3.42 for exact specifics!
  • Master Drake was the super sadistic occultist that swiped the V’rax Japh artefact from Go – see page 3.31
  • The sharp teeth are representative of the hallucinations brought about by the V’rax Japh – see page 3.32
  • Dianne Bates, a cop and friend of Go’s, met her grisly fate at the end of a sword wielded by a ninja recruited by Drake to retrieve the V’rax Japh – see page 3.23

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