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Mindmistress visits Magellan Academy
by Al Schroder (2004)
Al is the creator of Mindmistress - a webcomic about a superheroine whos particular gift is super intelligence. Al says: "I like crossovers---another part of my love of superheroes---and I figured Rochelle Kwan, whose power is her genetically-enhanced intelligence, could use a tutor occasionally who understands what it's like to be superintelligent." I sure agree with that - and as we've seen, Rochelle has trouble relating to us 'normally intelligent dummies'! I love this picture featuring (from l-r) Freya, Nadine, Kaycee, Mindmistress and Rochelle and also love the extra touch of the stautue of Magellan in the background.

Mindmistress visits Magellan Academy by Al Schroder

[2011 note] Mindmistress has since developed a close bond with the Magellanverse. See also:
  • Recreational Lifestyles of the Rich and Brainy: A fan art reply from me as Rochelle and MM get down and brainy
  • Buying the Stairway to Heaven: A visit by Mindmistress to tutor Rochelle Kwan goes awry when she unintentionally arrives at the Academy with an unwanted guest. (20 page story written by Al and myself, with art by me)
  • Thinking Outside the Box: Mindmistress visits Force Magellan to inform them about the Crossoverseers and collects an interesting artefact from Hoodoo (2 page sequence written and drawn by Al)
  • Crossoverkill: Mindmistress visits the Magellanverse to recruit Hoodoo from Force Magellan in the hunt for the Death abducting Doppelganger Gang in this reality spanning crossover (13 page sequence written and drawn by me)

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