Oh dear! Hands up everyone a bit disappointed in Olga. Anyway, that’s what she gets for being a snoop. It occurs to me that some people might wonder if this means she’s getting her memory back – no, she’s just seeing Maxwell Crusher’s.

Sista Superior is one of those characters that have been around in various forms without actually appearing in this comic. She was introduced in Kiss Me – a short Charisma story (I should note that this one of my earliest attempts at a voting reward/incentive). She’s then mentioned in the latter part of Charisma’s Tweets during Sista’s trial on Locke Island – a trial that’s clearly led to her incarceration here! There’s also a cameo of sorts in Crossoverkill where she appears as a RoboMat training robot in this Crossoverkill sequence. Essentially she is fairly strong and invulnerable… but also shoots destructive plasma blasts from her fists!