Today’s update should hopefully answer a few questions about what Vera Salt may have been up to over the course of the last century or two and why she was at an old folks’ nursing home rather than working in a beauty parlor. Truth be told she was originally working in a beauty parlor but it seemed too obvious and added an extra two or three pages to the story – plus, given the tendency for some readers to be thinking ahead of the game I was concerned that going into a beauty parlor angle would give the game away before I even got there.

Anyway, don’t expect any of the other oldies to forming IJF-Babies any time soon… Vera Salt is no more.

So, today is the penultimate update for Redux… which brings me to Chapter 6… which will be called Lock(e)Down and a large slab of it will take place on Locke Island, the Magellanverse lock-up for all the bad guys too dangerous to be locked up anywhere else. We’ll be meeting some old, some new, some previously only mentioned in passing, bad guys and gals. Should be fun! More info over the next few days.