Bunyip was a major player back in Worst Field Trip Ever. His favourite things are killing and eating. He’s the end result of the experiments carried out on him by Brian Lonsdale (aka  Professor Spongeface aka Brelvis’ dad) in which his human body was teleporter blended with a number of animals and alien DNA.

Clobber is a member of the Baxter Gang (four super powered Australian crims/thugs/bank robbers) and was first seen in Daze as part of a dream Go!Anna was having. Super hard, solid granite, super strong. Like all the other members of the Baxter Gang, and in true Australian style, he got his powers from accidentally drinking radioactive beer.

Billy… one of two flying brick powerhouses in the second year cadets. A DNA+, strong and mostly unbreakable, with the emphasis on “mostly”. He’s fairly amiable and helpful, as long as you’re not trying to murder his friends.

Lyta… a demi-godess from the realm Arkan. Very strong and fairly unbreakable and extremely arrogant with some minor mystical attributes. Self-exiled from her people due to shame at not being able to complete her warrior’s initiation.

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