OK, we’re heading towards the endgame now! A lot of characters in this page – a brief glimpse at who is running the show, regular readers might remember Tom (ThundaKlap) Bass, Justine (Redd) Keff, Annie (Go!Anna) Summers and Ken (formerly Nitro Man) Spence from the faculty.

Hamish, who we saw a few pages ago, is in his third year uniform here. The punching spell he uses against the very tough Lyta (refer to page 2.45 to see how much punishment she can take) is the “fundamus” which was ably demonstrated by Hoodoo in Crossoverkill. The original cadet intake for Kaycee’s group was 24 but sadly due to Chang’s death back in Chapter 4 the exercise was short one cadet, which is where Hamish comes into the picture!