By Gola’s own admission, this update is rather big on self-pity… I really wanted this to be an opportunity to get inside her head, to understand her shock at being 34 one minute and over 70 the next without any recollection of the intervening years. But this should (mostly) be the last of the emo introspection. Mostly! I hope things have been interesting to date but they should get even more interesting from here on in with the reintroduction of one Dr Spooky – first (and last) seen here in Chapter 4.

As Gola surveys the history collection there are a few objects and images, etc that super keen readers may be familiar with… there is also some totally random stuff too. The first frame has a display with some head wear used by Gola, Mary/Glamour and Ken/Nitro-Man; second frame is a photo of the International Justice Force (IJF), the 1960s super team to which Gola, Magellan and others belonged; frame 5 has a partial image of Lady Lariat, a glove from Knuckle Duster’s costume, plus a ray gun as used by Gizmo Girl who were all three Golden Age heroes and members of the 1940s group The Victorious – they were introduced here.